Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bush sharpens his Iraq rhetoric

Mr. Bush had the following to say about Iraq two days ago: "Some critics continue to assert that we have no plan in Iraq except to 'stay the course'. If by 'stay the course' they mean we will not allow the terrorists to break our will, they're right. If by 'stay the course' they mean we will not permit al-Qaida to turn Iraq into what Afghanistan was under the Taliban, a safe haven for terrorists and a launching pad for attacks on America, they're right as well'.

Now, as a Jordanian, I don't care who breaks whose will, but I do know that Iraq did indeed turn into a base and playground for "terrorists" in the heart of the Middle East and that this was not the case before Mr. Bush's war. Before this war we did not have suicide bombers spilling over the border from Iraq into Jordan blowing up weddings. That is a new thing, a serious problem that was created by this war and America, after having created the problem, had better clean it up.

Note that I said "America" and not "this administration". These guys are rubbish; why would anybody with half a brain still think that they can get the "job" done given their track record so far? Stay the course or not, these guys will not fix Iraq. The next administration cannot come soon enough. In the meanwhile we will just have to suffer the increasingly pathetic tragicomedy in Washington DC that we're forced to live with.