Friday, February 03, 2006

Cartoons and European Cultural Superiority

This cartoon business in Europe is getting on my nerves. Ok, so I don't give a crap whether the Prophet is depicted/drawn/illustrated or not, but you know what, the re-publication of these cartoons really pissed me off, for multiple reasons.

Europeans apparently do not see the obvious self serving reason for the re-publication, a juvenile "demonstration" of their supposed cultural superiority. "Oh, look at those Muslims getting all worked up about a mere ... Cartoon!! Look, we caricature all religious symbols... why can't they just chill out/grow up/get over it and be more like us.... They take this all too seriously. Why can't they have a sense of humour?"

I'll tell you why this moderate Muslim doesn't buy it: A demonstration of freedom of expression, as the re-publication is purported to be, can only make sense in defiance of those who can shut your newspapers down; i.e. your own governments. You do not need to protect your freedom of expression from pissed off people in Gaza. Secondly, these cartoons, by invoking the symbol of the prophet, characterise all Muslims and Islam itself as being a religion of terrorism. It is no longer confined to "extremists" who are hijacking our religion but stamped on the ideological source of the religion himself. Thus they make a false generalization and reinfoce an abhorrent mistruth: that all muslims are terrorists. It is beyond me how that is different from publishing a cartoon depicting jews as stingy moneylenders or blacks as lazy. And they are plastered all over "respectable" journals across all of Europe, defended by the elites and by intellectuals eager to teach Muslims about democracy.

Here's my bit of free speech for these people which they can go ahead and start defending: fuck you, your democracy, and your intellectual superiority assholes.

Isn't freedom of expression just dandy!!