Saturday, May 27, 2006

Great article by Pat Buchanan

I find it very interesting when American Conservative pundits call it as it really is in Israel/Palestine. More interesting still is when they portray Bush as a hapless president. Check out conservative Patrick Buchanan's article entitled "Steering into a Third Intifada" on the following link:

Buchanan is a conservative pundit who had previously run for president. Although squarely a conservative who favored Bush over Kerry, he is a respectable commentator in conservative circles despite his propensity to have views that are not always in line with the conservative 'establishment'.

A quick quote from the article: "What is the Bush plan to advance our interests in the Middle East? There is none. For five years, the Bush policy has been to sign off on whatever Sharon put in front of him. And now that Bush is weak, he is not going to pick a fight he cannot win and, in candor, he does not want."


Blogger MommaBean said...

Thanks for sharing the article. Unfortunately, I think Pat B. is a one-off with an in-depth, realistic understanding of the Palestinian problem. Several years ago, I saw Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan on Crossfire together (it's only purpose as a show is to stir controversy of course). The two of the guests were fighting with the hosts! It was strikingly funny that they were brought on so they would fight each other and both had a very complex understanding of the Palestinian issue.

5:39 AM  
Anonymous kinzi said...

Yea, Samer, us conservatives aren't as easily bunched as one may think. It is always refreshng to see something like this.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Cairogal said...

A bit off topic...I saw your film "In the Land of the Free?" at the Folklife Festival in Seattle and loved it. My husband is Egyptian and living in Seattle now for less than a year. When listing in on phone conversations became a hot topic in the news, he said, "To me, this is what goverments do. It's been happening in Egypt for years." Perhaps an indication of where we're heading...

1:08 PM  

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